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About OCO

  • We are a compassionate community of individuals and families coping with coming out
  • We seek positive transformation of relationships when loved ones come out as LGBT
  • We offer an integrated, inclusive approach to mutual support for all people involved
  • We teach communication, relationship and self-directive skills to:
    • deal constructively with the initial coming out crisis
    • handle your emotional chaos
    • intentionally design and build a positive, dynamic and authentic future
  • We are committed to raising awareness that coming out affects millions of families and close relationships world-wide
  • We seek social and legal acceptance of same-gender love relationships to reduce the emotional fallout of coming out

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Meet OCO Co-founders Tom Teague & Lynn Cloud Teague in Christine Grimaldi's Slate article:

"You're straight and your partner is not. Now what?  How Straight Spouses Cope When Their Partners Come Out"


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Coming Out Conversations - Coming out of Shame - January 27, 2015

OCO Co-founders, Tom Teague, Lynn Teague, Meredith Marple and Cindy Vanderpool  discuss: How to Use Emotional CHAOS as a Catalyst for Change on Clarence Caldwell's True Life Academy - January 19, 2015

An ART for Transforming CHAOS


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